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Principal's Message

driller way


I would like to welcome all of my Driller family, especially my new Drillers, to BHS for the 2018-19 school year. I am excited to begin my 19th year as your Principal and I am sure that you are ready to make this school year the best school year of your life for you and your students.


For our new parents and students it is important for you to know that Bakersfield High School is the largest and oldest high school in the Kern High School District and, with over 36,000 students, the Kern High School District is the largest high school district in the state of California. Bakersfield High School’s history is steeped with tradition and our alumni base spreads throughout the world. As the saying goes, “Once A Driller, Always A Driller”… so freshmen…. You are now Drillers. Wear the name proudly as you are now a part of that history.


I would hope that parents take advantage of a new opportunity this school year. With the purchase of an ASB sticker for only $20.00, students can attend all regular season BHS football and basketball games for FREE. Not only home games but also games at other Kern High School District schools as well. All ASB sticker funds go directly back to the student body and can only be used for student body activities. Take advantage of this special deal before our first home football game on August 24th.


I hope each and every one of you have a great year and as I always say, get involved in school !!! The research clearly demonstrates that students who are involved in school activities are more successful academically than students who do not. 100 % Involvement with 100% Commitment !!!    


~David Reese