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BHS Alumni Association 

We are on our way to completing the BHS Alumni Plaza at the Kern County Museum, the final home of our beloved water tower.  Together we will make this happen!  A special thank you to our donors thus far:


Joseph & Stephanie Padilla

Matt & Christy Hornbuckle

Carl Delfino

Beth & Joe Nahama

Lily & Rodney Nahama

Raechel Timme

Msgr. Craig Harrison

Mike & Jennifer Young

Stella Rous

Class of 2019

Ed & Maria Paine

John & Keri Gless

David & Janis Edmonson

Sid Thompson 

Glinn & Giordano Physical Therapy

Cece Shanyfelt

Herb Walker


Once A Driller…Always A Driller!

Keep checking back for more exciting news and updates.