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Counseling Staff

Welcome to the BHS Counselor Page!
 One of the best ways to get in touch with your counselor for non-emergency needs at Bakersfield High School is electronically! We have links below. To email your counselor, please click on their name. We enthusiastically encourage students to put in request-to-see-counselor forms electronically. The links for the forms are under each counselor's name. Once you submit your electronic form, it goes immediately to your counselor's email- making call-in time significantly quicker than the paper forms. We also encourage you to primarily use the online request for any non-emergency counseling business. Once you have submitted a request, please be patient and allow a day or two for your counselor to call you in. For those of you who are Mrs. Batey's students, she is out on medical leave for the remainder of the semester. Your electronic request forms will automatically go to her sub in the meantime. 
If you are experiencing a personal emergency that requires counselor intervention while at school, please make face-to-face contact with staff immediately and do not rely on the electronic form. 
Counselor for students with the last names A-Cazares & Avid

Alvidrez, Tiffani (Head Counselor) 
Counselor for students with the last names Ceballos-Diaz & PLTW
Counselor for students with the last names Diaz Campos-Jimenez Vargas
Counselor for students with the last names Johnson-Ochoa Garcia, ELD, Foreign Exchange, & NCAA

Counselor for students with the last names Okane-Shaw & Foster Youth

Counselor for students with last names Shehee-Z & Academy

Intervention Counselor, Apex Coordinator

Cal SOAP Rep