A-G requirements

University of California/California State University 

A-G Courses at BHS

Must have a Grade of C or Better in A-G Courses for UC/CSU Application Eligibility

A- History (2 years required)

World History P, European History AP, World History GP, HP US History, US History 11P, Govt 12 HP, Govt 12P

B- English (4 years required)

English 9P, English 9 GP, English 10P, English 10 GP, English 11 P, AP    English/Language, African American Lit, Chicano American Lit, English 12 P, English 12 HP, AP English/Literature, AP, Expository Reading Writing Course (ERWC), English 9-12, ELD 4P

C- Mathematics (3 years required- 4 years recommended)

Applied Algebra, Algebra 1P, Algebra 1GP, Applied Geometry, Geometry 10P, Geometry 10GP, Algebra Adv P, Algebra Adv GP, Math Analysis P, Math Analysis HP, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Statistics

D- Laboratory Science (2 years required- 3 years recommended)

Intro to Physical Sci, Ag Soil Sci, Biology P, Biology GP, Sustainable Ag, Chemistry P,  AG Chemistry, Chemistry HP, AP Environmental Science, HP Geology, Physics P, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C (calc based Physics)

E- Foreign Language (2 years required- 3 years recommended)

Spanish 1P, Spanish 1GP, Spanish 2P, Spanish 2GP, Spanish 3P, Spanish 3HP, Spanish 4P, Spanish 4AP, Spanish 5AP, Spanish Speaking 1P, Spanish Speaking 2P, French 1P, French 1GP, French 2P, French 2GP, French 3P, French 3HP, French 4P, French 4 AP

F- Visual & Performing Arts (1 year required)

Orchestra, Percussion, Beg Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Adv Band, Treblechoir 1, Treblechoir 2, Bass Choir 1, Adv Choir, Chamber Singers,       AP Music Theory, Beg Art, Int Art, Adv Art, AP Studio Art, Beg Ceramics, Int Ceramics, Adv Ceramics, Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Publications (yearbook), Technical Theater, Theaterfilm 1, Theaterfilm 2, Theaterfilm 3, Theater Production, Floral Design 1,   Floral Design 2, Floral Design 3, Exploring Music, Wood 1, Wood 2, Fashion Construction, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Strategies, Introduction to Design (PLTW)

G- College Prep Elective (1 year required)- If a student goes above and beyond any other requirements listed above, the G area is satisfied

Culinary Arts, Adv Culinary Arts, Ag Econ P, AP Macroeconomics, Econ P, Integrated Science, Avid 9, Avid 10, Avid 11, Avid 12, Career Development 1, Career Tech, Forensics 1, Forensics 2, Forensics 3, Forensics 4, HP Aerospace Engineering (PLTW), HP Digital Electronics (PLTW), HP Principles of Engineering (PLTW), AP Computer Science Principles (PLTW), Journalism 9-12, Journalism Adv, Beg Psych, Sociology P, AP Psych