Blue and White (School Newspaper)




The Blue and White, BHS’s student-run newspaper, was established in 1913, so if you can do the math, the Blue and White is over a 100 years old. Our Journalism class is a prestigious program which challenges you to explore, research, and investigate various real-world concepts that affect our nation, our local government, and our community.


Journalism engages and challenges students, while also promoting critical thinking and research skills that transcend into other subjects at BHS.    


Students who participate in Journalism have the opportunities to Improve your writing, Critical Thinking, and Research Skills (which your English teachers will LOVE). While working for the paper, you also have the chance to get over the fear of meeting and interviewing new people  . Students who are in journalism can also participate and compete in Journalism competitions like Journalism Day. Students can also look forward to being exposed to methods of thinking and different topics with real-world implications, and their effects on you and the students of BHS. Students will also get first-hand experience seeing and interviewing some behind-the-scenes areas and staff who are essential to Bakersfield High School. Before you get scared, you will not be working alone. You will receive peer to peer support from your classmates and returning Journalism students. Moreover, you will participate in In-Class brainstorming sessions for the paper with the other writers and editors. 


Being a member of the Blue and White gives you the ability, and moreover, the responsibility, of being a voice for the students of BHS. Writing for the Blue and White will open many opportunities other than writing as well. You have the opportunity to take photos for stories, layout pages using Adobe InDesign, and you can even make positive business connections while securing advertising for the pages. This all goes without saying that it looks very beneficial on your college applications, too.



2019-2020 Blue and White Staff