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Hello and Welcome to Ceramics at BHS!
I'm Yvonne Cavanagh and I went to BHS and graduated in 1997! I started teaching here 5 years later and have been teaching here for 18 years. My class is one of the BEST on campus... I might be biased...but if you like to get your hands dirty, learn new skills (like the pottery wheel) and don't mind getting up and moving around a lot, this might be the art class for you! Oh and we have to clean often... this is a messy but fun class. This class fulfills the fine art requirement and you can take it multiple years. So if you find you enjoy it as much as I did in high school you can stick around for another year...or more! I can't wait to meet you!
In addition to teaching at BHS, I am an adjunct professor of ceramics at Bakersfield College and teach dual enrollment ceramics at BHS. I am a working professional artist as well and am constantly working on artwork, ceramics, drawings and more. I get to do what I love every day. I really enjoy sharing it all with my students. 
The photo I'm holding below is of me on my last day of high school in the BHS Ceramics classroom where I have taught for 18 years. 
Yvonne Cavanagh, Ceramics Teacher